A very good reminder of what we need to be doing as a church and as leaders in ministry, especially during this season of graduation!


Why they leave blog postI can still remember it. I was a full time youth pastor doing the usual responsibilities that I had of giving the announcements to the entire church on Sunday morning. Isn’t that what all youth pastors are supposed to do on Sunday mornings? As I sat on stage preparing to share what was going on in the church, I noticed the large group of students that were assembled in the crowd. I was proud to see such a good number, and seeing this assumed in my mind that I was doing a fantastic job as a youth pastor. Then, something hit me like a ton of bricks. I began to notice the rest of the crowd. I began to notice that there was a massive gap in age in our church. For example, there were hardly any young adults in the service. If my memory serves me correctly, there were…

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